The Future of Cloud

Traditional cloud infrastructure is reaching its physical limit. Decentralized cloud infrastructure is necessary to serve the impending data boom of billions of IoT devices.

The Haven Network solves this need by linking providers around the entire planet with a decentralized cloud marketplace supported with specialized hardware that is focused on security. The Haven Network thrives on competition, which leads to innovation, lower costs, geographic diversity, and higher-quality services that operate seamlessly from the core to the edge of the internet.

One Network.
Empowering Everyone.

Enterprise Applications

Deliver business-critical apps securely and reliably.

Internet of Things

Connect, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets.

Artificial Intelligence

Scalable processing power for your disruptive applications.

Web & App Hosting

Cost-efficient hosting for your app or website.


High performing servers with the lowest possible latency for competitive gaming.


Highly specialized computing power for crypto miners and masternodes.


Application Specific Clouds

Haven Hardware is built with cutting edge Gen-Z Architecture, allowing the use of multiple technologies that accelerate AI and Cloud applications. Gen-Z architecture increases performance by up to 8,000x compared to today's market standard technology. Armed with Haven Hardware, Haven Network providers all over the world will outperform the hyperscale datacenters of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Consisting of leading computer industry companies

Haven Platform

Enterprises interact with their cloud environment on a simple to use platform. Cloud consumers can deploy, manage, and monitor their infrastructure and applications.


Go online with Haven in just a click.

Integrate and Migrate

Seamlessly move existing applications and data.

3rd Party Applications

Developers and partners can work with familiar tools.

Infrastructure Provider

Manage your hardware performance and revenue statistics.

Lower Cost

Reduces IT expenses through competitive infrastructure.

Supercomputing at the Edge

Haven Hardware handles the heaviest of workloads, like AI and IoT.

The only decentralized cloud that securely runs today's enterprise applications

...and more


Market Strategy

Node Haven is integrated across the three core pillars of cloud, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.

Half of the NODE Token Supply is dedicated to adoption, allowing us to accelerate growth through incentivizing providers and subsidizing enterprises deploying to the Haven Network.

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Get Involved.


Purchasing NODE Tokens locks in your price per token early on. Your NODE Tokens provide revenue generating opportunities.


Leverage The Haven Network and Gen-Z Hardware to generate additional revenue streams by serving enterprises globally.

Cloud Consumers

Drive down existing IT costs significantly and enjoy higher-performance.


Work with familiar tools to build native applications on what will be the most powerful Super-Cloud on Earth.


Our Team

Michael Bazzi


Charles Dusek


Idon Liu

Director of Operations

Gilson Motta

Director of Technology

Daniel Hallén

Project Manager

John Eriksson

Software Engineer

Magnus Dufwa

Software Engineer

Bill Bazzi

Cloud Strategist

Alex Pan

Business Development Manager